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How do I use FTP to upload my files?

There are a few methods to FTP your files you can use iExplore - put the following address into your browser:

  • ftp.yourdomain (where yourdomain is your domain name)
  • Goto the view option and select "Open FTP site in windows explorer"
  • Goto File and click "logon as" and you can log on using your account credentials which you received in your welcome email (credentials sent as plain text - not recommended)
  • Upload your files o the public_html directory

How do I set up Dreamweaver for FTP?

There are a few specific things you should know when setting up Dreamweaver for FTP access.

1. The FTP host is just your domain name. ( ie. domain.com, NO ftp:// )
2. The Host Directory should NOT be left blank. It is usually public_html

If you are not sure what any setting should be please open a support ticket and we will be happy to provide you with the exact details.

Using Software to Access my FTP site?

First you'll need an FTP client. A nice google search will turn up hundreds of programs to use. Once you have downloaded an FTP program, we suggest that you read the documentation in order to become familiar with its. Some examples are:

Fetch http://www.dartmouth.edu/pages/softdev/fetch.html




You'll need to enter the 'hostname' of your site (often called a domain name or server, depending on the FTP program). For example, if your site is viewable at 'www.yourdomain.com', the hostname would simply be 'yourdomain.com'.

If your domain hasn't been set up yet (not registered or not transferred to ICCM) you can still upload your site directly to your server hostname or IP address. You should have received those in a welcome email.

Next, you'll probably be prompted for a username and password. These values should have been given to you when you first signed up. If you have any questions as to what they are, please open a support ticket.

When you login via ftp, your web root is public_html folder. This is the folder where you need to upload your web site files.

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