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Can I publish site using FP before DNS propagation if I do not have a unique IP?

Please follow the steps below to access your site, you can then use FP to publish the site as well on the URL www.yourdomain.com

To access the website before its domain name starts resolving to the new IP address, please follow the following steps: (while you access the website from a Windows PC)

You can setup a HOSTS file entry in the "hosts" file to view the web site. This file is a standard windows file. You can find it in the path below, depending on your windows:

Windows 95/98/Me

Windows NT/2000

Windows XP


1) Open this file in Notepad and

2) Add this line to it:

IP www.yourdomain.com

(where IP is the IP address of your shared server)

3) Save it

4) Open your browser and type the complete URL www.yourdomain.com. It should work fine and bring you the main page (index.html etc.) from public_html directory.

NOTE: Once the domain name is ready, you should edit this file and remove the line above.

Please also note that "hosts" is a simple text file without any .txt or any extension. It is a standard way to bypass the DNS servers for testing and debugging.

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